Green Land harvesting Happiness

Soil. Organic. Water

The elements that feed human life.

Since times immemorial the trio of Soil, Organic Food, and Water have been nurturing in the womb of Mother Earth and have been growing life for us, replenishing us, feeding us constantly. But all this began to change over the last few decades.

Reason why Green Land Capital has Arrived.

To Replenish Soil.
To Restore Organic.
To Renew Water.

On a mission to convert
infertile land into fertile.

Green Land Capital is on a mission to convert infertile and uncultivable land into fertile and organic land. Because today, the percentage total of land that is organic in India, is only 1.02% of the what's available for cultivation.
Total Land
600 Acres
Available for Cultivation
Fertile Land

We are focused on replenishing Mother Nature's strength back to what it was born with.


Located where there's potential.

Green Land Capital is located in Vinukonda, Palnadu District, Andhra Pradesh. Best of all, Cheerala Beach is located at just 5-min drive from Vinukonda, and really close to Thripuranthakam Temple.

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